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July 30, 2018

Vancouver 2018 Civic Election – Yes Vancouver Slate

Vancouver’s field of candidates in the 2018 civic election has just widened, now that Yes Vancouver (not to be confused with YES! Vancouver) has nominated its candidates.

Bios and backgrounds HERE.

What is striking is the absence of those I have in the past called the “density bros”, and the appearance of unknowns with (almost completely) zero name recognition. 

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YES! Vancouver is not to be confused with “Yes Vancouver”, the spankin’ new Vancouver civic political party of Mayoral hopeful Hector Bremner.

YES! Vancouver has been active since at least 2007, according to their web site.  And this is what they do.

YES! Vancouver is a philanthropic networking group of professional women looking to make powerful connections with fellow girl bosses, go-getters, and risk takers.

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Current Vancouver City Councillor, and mayoral aspirant in the October civic election, Hector D. Bremner has announced the formation of the Yes Vancouver Party.

The paperwork’s done, but the web site and more will come next week. Meanwhile, the founding board members are profiled below.

Note the red-hot new hash tags you’ll need to follow:

  • #LetsFixHousing
  • #HectorForMayor
  • #HectorBremnerTeam

I may have to rush out and get some more computer whatzits to hold all of this stuff.

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