July 9, 2018

The Language of New Urbanism: From Abutter to Numtots to YIMBYs (oh my)

“It was a coving Boomburb lacking ekistic viewsheds, but that terminating vista created by the setback on Sally’s abutter is going to help her PLVI.”

Architects, or anyone who lives with (or suffers through interminable patio discussions with) an architect in this day and age, has probably heard that a thousand times. But not everyone is hip to the latest lingo.

In the age of soaring land values, housing affordability issues and the politics of real estate, no doubt a few new words have entered your vocabulary. They populate your social media stream, masked as urban agitprop, but what do they mean? They sit there, marinating, waiting for you to Google them.

Relax — ArchDaily recently published 50 Planning Terms & Concepts All Architects Should Know to cut to the chase.

And if you’re a numtot, you might consider starting a similar list to curate.

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