September 5, 2018

Maybe I’ve just missed seeing it. Wouldn’t be the first time.

And I always knew that Mr. Campbell was a hereditary chief of the Squamish First Nation.

But this is the first officially Vision e-mail documentation I’ve seen where Mr. Campbell uses his title this way. To me, it’s yet another welcome sign of maturity around identity in Vancouver.

I’m proud of our plan to build more, better public transit in Vancouver. . . .

Chéenchenstway – lifting each other up.


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Incremental change in the still-big field of entrants, as we edge under the 90-day mark on our trudge towards the October 20 polling date.

For those who want to strap into their world-of-wonk survival gear and get on it, the Cambie Report‘s Ian Bushfield continues to maintain his great big spreadsheet of candidates, now expanded to most, if not all, of Metro Vancouver. Hold on tight, because names and parties continue to change daily hourly — get it HERE.

My current, superficial analysis for Vancouver says 60 “confirmed” candidates, and 11 “maybes”…

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