May 31, 2010

Seawall Interruptus – 2

As noted below, the seawall from Canada Place to Stanley Park is finished – but not connected.  Though all the attention at the moment is on the Dunsmuir cycle track, there’s probably no higher priority than creating a route through the floatplane terminal that appropriates the seawall and prevents seamless access to the ramp on the convention centre.

As a consequence, everyone is forced to use the stairs.

If you’re on wheels, that means hiking your bike up or down six flights.

Or not having access at all.

UPDATE: Thomas Guerrero notes the presence of an elevator to the left of the stairs.  News to me – I don’t recall a sign indicating availability and directions – but even that is not sufficient to handle demand on a typical sunny day (assuming we get some sunny days!).

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It’s taken almost two decades, but the seawall from Canada Place to Stanley Park is almost complete.

Almost.  There is still one small section that remains blocked:

The floatplane terminal, sited just west of the new convention centre, is to be moved eventually.  But when?

Rumour has it that the City may renew the lease for this site, at least until third parties can agree on terms for a new location.   But will they require the seawall to be connected, even with a temporary link? – a policy that Councils have had in place since the Expo site was first being developed.

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