November 27, 2018

Lisa Dominato – On Public Service, Politics & City-Wide Planning

Gordon Price and Tom Davidoff chat with newly elected Vancouver Councillor Lisa Dominato on how her successful run in the recent election was informed by her experiences as a school trustee, working in public policy with the provincial government, and through conversations with voters during the campaign.

Plus, her take on the issue of the day — fulfilling the housing needs of the ‘missing middle’. What does she think about prior Council decision on duplexes? How can neighbourhood voices help guide land use decisions? What role will Council play with — and what will inform — the forthcoming city-wide planning process?

A great discussion — with more from Councillor Dominato and other leaders in the region in future episodes.

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Christopher Cheung in The Tyee has prepared a  ten minute video featuring “Patrick Condon, chair of the urban design program at UBC’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and Scot Hein, UBC’s urban designer and former senior planner at the City of Vancouver ” on a site visit reviewing some middle density projects.
Christopher defines and shows examples of what ‘gentle density’ can look like, acknowledging that many citizens may not know that it can be an unobtrusive addition to the landscape, and can blend in well enough to be relatively unread as  new infill. This gentle density provides part of the ‘missing middle’, the density between the well-known single family housing form and the more dense apartment tower. It is this blend of density being considered by the City as a way to provide denser form in Vancouver’s residential neighbourhoods.
It is well worth a view.


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