January 2, 2018

Gordie Award for Biggest Transportation Event in 2017~The Burrard Bridge!

Today’s award  is in the Biggest Transportation Event Category.  And that award goes to the Burrard Bridge Rehabilitation Project which gives back pedestrian space on both sides of the bridge for walkers, and provides a safer seamless trip for cyclists too.
Price Tags Vancouver has been pretty excited about this project, which truly represents the 21st century approach to active transportation and safe travel for all modes. We covered the Burrard Bridge opening and talked about the new/old lights and how they work. We had Burrard Bridge backstories and talked about how cyclists access and egress the bridge.  We had a Burrard Bridge photo montage and generally talked about all things Burrard Bridge.
In the words of the CBC   about the 58 million dollar project;
“Pedestrians will once again be welcomed to the east sidewalk, which many chose to use despite it being a dedicated bike lane in recent years. Major changes on the downtown end of the bridge include new cycling turning boxes, vehicle turning lanes and protection for pedestrians and cyclists in the intersection.
Part of the bridge has been widened to accommodate a second right-turn lane onto Pacific Street, and right-hand turning lanes were added to allow vehicles to more easily flow onto the bridge when travelling eastbound on Pacific. The art deco Burrard Street Bridge was constructed in the early 1930’s. The city made efforts to ensure the concrete barriers that separate vehicles from cycling lanes were designed to match the heritage style…
The plan, approved two years ago, included additional sewer and water upgrades on both ends of the bridge, which the city said were estimated to cost an additional $23 million — bringing the project’s total to $58 million.”


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