June 18, 2018

Vancouver Represents at International Solar Bike Rally

Friday, June 15th saw the official start of SunTrip 2018, the third annual solar bike rally — this year between Lyon, France and Guangzhou, China.

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of a ‘sister’ relationship between the two cities, the 12,000 km point-to-point overland adventure will cross 10 countries, and imposes some challenging rules on the 40 rally participants:

  • Participants must ride on a solar electric bicycle and charge their batteries using only solar energy
  • After the start proper (in Chamonix tomorrow, June 19th), there is no specific, imposed route
  • Sun Trip adventurers are not to be followed by support vehicles — this is a completely unassisted rally

And there’s a local connection to SunTrip 2018.

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