June 4, 2018

Urbanist Abroad: Postcards from Hong Kong and Japan

Next week, Price Tags publisher and editor-in-chief Gordon Price is on a study tour with the ‘good governance group’ of the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), a member-supported non-profit, perhaps better known outside their own backyard as the publishers of The Urbanist.

This week, he’s off to a one week head start on the educational portion of the trip, with a visit to Hong Kong, closing a 30-year gap since his last visit.

We’ll follow along with Gordon via his Instagram account — here are a few of his initial salvos from the trip. And send us feedback via email, or Comments below — what are Hong Kong must-sees?

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The always opinionated (in a good way) Knute Berger, columnist for Crosscut, has been sifting throught the civic storage unit to come up with a little list that shows how Seattle has changed.  Examples:

Old Seattle: Anyone out after 10 p.m. is up to no good. New Seattle: A 24-hour city.

Old Seattle: Free downtown street parking. New Seattle: Bikes rule!

Old Seattle: Dick’s, Dag’s and Herfy’s. New Seattle: The $12 burger at Luc.

Old Seattle: Deep-fried captain’s platter. New Seattle: Sustainable seafood.

If you don’t get all the references, you’ll get a sense of the changing city.  More here.

Or if San Francisco is more your style, Tom Durning sends along a link to “The Year in Urbanism” from SPUR – the member-supported research organization. (Wouldn’t it be great to have a Vancouver equivalent.)

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