February 22, 2021

Urban design challenge: Georgia and Granville

It’s the No. 1 intersection in Vancouver: Granville and Georgia.  Canada Line, SkyTrain and major bus routes, department stores, banks and office blocks, a major mall with high-profile stores, and some pretty good food carts.

Plus history: it’s been the No. 1 corner for a long time, notably when the anchors were (in addition to the Bay) the Birk’s Building (right) and, across Granville, the second hotel Vancouver.  The 60s and 70s were not kind to this corner.

A good case can be made for tearing out the London Drugs block as part of Scotia Centre and replacing it with something that addresses the corner, hides the party wall of the adjacent Vancouver Block, and provides some architectural interest.  (Could anything be more mediocre than the existing facade?)

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