March 8, 2021

The End of Rush Hour?

Why would we keep rush hour if there’s an option?  And as we’ve collectively discovered during the pandemic, there is.  We don’t all have to assemble in one place at the same time, whether by foot, car or transit, to work together.  Or all leave at the same time, particularly when workplaces will move towards more reservation and coordination systems.

There are still enough people who want to or need to gather at the same time for a rush hour of some kind to resume – and we may already be seeing traffic on some routes back up to about 80 percent. Then there are schools, which do demand that classes assemble at the same time and place.

There is also the question of whether transit (which has resumed to about 40 to 50 percent of pre-Covid demand) will see a movement of users convert to or go back to their cars.  That could offset any reduction from technology.

Now is the time to be watching and measuring – and then deciding what level of rush hour seems to be about right.  That may be subjective, but most likely people will decide for themselves whether there’s any need to all be in the traffic at certain hours when they could be productive at home or in flexible workplaces dispersed throughout the region.  I mean, duh.

In this Zoomy world, we can get the rush hour we want.

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