February 8, 2018

Running Red Lights in Richmond!

Since September 23, four pedestrians have died on Richmond Streets. The Richmond News has now posted a very troubling YouTube video of drivers in  Richmond going through intersections when the lights were clearly red.
Of course no one who is a motorist or a vulnerable road user wants to think that this is actually happening. As one person commented on the video said “The 3 cars running the light are likely the RCMP’s Special O unit located in Richmond. It’s an elite undercover police unit that are involved in surveillance. Look how all three cars approach the intersection, angle to the right, then proceed after crossing at a very high speed. They are clearly in control of their vehicles, not some bad driver who isn’t paying attention. It’s clear these people were trying to get somewhere very quickly, whoever they were.”
The video shows four vehicles going through red lights in the east Cambie neighbourhood on January 31 at 9:30 in the morning. This activity happened within a ten minute time span. As the Richmond News asks, “Were the vehicles’ drivers together and in a coordinated hurry to get somewhere or evade someone? Or were the last two drivers simply, obliviously following the lead of the Toyota?”
Update from a commenter: The Vancouver Sun has a story that some of the drivers were police officers.
Unfortunately that  still does not address the crash rate or the number of  pedestrian fatalities in Richmond, which is approaching one death a month since September 2017.


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