August 26, 2006

One of Charlie Rose’s Best: The Interview on Evolution

After seeing it for the first time, I have to agree with PBS’s Charlie Rose: this is one of the best interviews he’s ever done.
And he’s done over 30,000.
He interviewed James Watson (the discoverer of the structure of DNA ) and Harvard professor (emeritus) Edward O Wilson on Charles Darwin and his writings (they’ve each edited a book on him). The subject, of course, is evolution.It was recorded in 2005, and has only become more fascinating and relevant.
You can see it online for free by clicking here.
It’s really worth an hour, particularly given some of the provocative opinions you don’t often hear in the American media:

Rose: Only one serious scientist you know believes there is a personal god who listens to our prayers?
Watson: Yeah, that’s about it.
Wilson: I don’t know a one.

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