Governance & Politics
August 22, 2018

Civic Savvy: Paul Sullivan on the North Shore

As you might have noticed, those commenting on ‘Civic Savvy’ – our savvyards – go mostly unnamed. That’s their choice. But they’re asked to speak frankly as insiders – something that might be lost if their names are attached, and so anonymity is respected. Here’s a guy, though, who speaks publicly as a columnist with the North Shore News and as a media and communications specialist. Paul Sullivan has lived on the North Shore since 1989, and is up to speed on who’s running there and why.

“There’s a changing of the guard as household names bow out,” he notes, and that’s opening up opportunity for the opportunists: “the one-issue wonders – NIMBYs who have no interest in solutions, just complaining about the culture and the process, even though they don’t know or care about the opportunities to engage.” Traditional long-serving leaders like District mayor Richard Walton is the antithesis of a grandstander, observes Sullivan. “He’s a coordinated thinker. Yes, things therefore moved more slowly – but there were not a lot of false moves.” Walton is one of those not running again.

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