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June 7, 2018

The New York Times Documents Vancouver’s Housing “Frenzy”

Trust the New York Times to call it like it is.

As the newspaper astutely observed this past weekend:

Last year, in a provincial election almost entirely about housing costs, citizens voted out the center-right B.C. Liberal Party, which had run British Columbia for 16 years, and brought in a government led by the left-of-center B.C. New Democratic Party. Since then, the New Democrats have not only tried to increase the housing supply, but have also proposed a slew of measures that aim to curb housing demand and chase away overseas buyers.

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From the New York Times: China Also Exports Pollution to Western U.S., Study Finds

 The scientists wrote that “outsourcing production to China does not always relieve consumers in the United States — or for that matter many countries in the Northern Hemisphere — from the environmental impacts of air pollution.”

The movement of air pollutants associated with the production of goods in China for the American market has resulted in a decline in air quality in the Western United States, the scientists wrote, though less manufacturing in the United States does mean cleaner air in the American East.

Pretty sure that the environmental and health-impact analysis of shipping thermal coal through Port Metro Vancouver did not take this into account.

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How badly?  That’s the questiion asked at the end of a first-class piece on the population capacity of a place like Manhattan.  Or Vancouver.

Given all the tradeoffs and rewards of living in this staggeringly complex, gloriously maddening city, there is no final accounting or projection. When it makes sense for our lives, we make do with less space. Like most things that are a matter of compromise and desire, it comes down to another simple question: Just how badly do you want what you want?

Everybody Inhale can be found in the New York Times’ real-estate section – but Amy O’Leary’s piece is worthy of a broader read.



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