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September 20, 2018

Pavement to Plaza: Vancouver’s 14th & Main (Video)

Any macchiatto tour of Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant hood must now begin (or end) at one of the most west coast of open-air patios — at 14th and Main.

Pavement-to-Plaza, a new video by the team of Brian and Kathleen of small places, shows how the new configuration at this popular intersection, in the midst of a busy stretch of high street stores and restaurants, is also fulfilling the demand for calmed public spaces, with safer passage for people on bike and foot.

Check out the video below — a head-bobber, for sure.

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Such a new-Vancouver type of thing.  Let me count the ways:

  • Craft beer:  Not going away; getting bigger if anything, and working hard to find niches
  • The name:  “Electric Bicycle Brewing” (I can hear those teeth a’gnashing out there)
  • The graphics:  right out of those beloved hippie-dippy days of yore
  • A mural for the street front, and interior décor described as “selfie-friendly”
  • Ramen-infused beer:  nothing like the marriage of food and beverage trends
  • Location:  4th just east of Ontario, growing home to creatives in the tech industries
  • Clustering:  an area now also home to the luscious yummies at purebread (5th and Ontario), among other purveyors of nosh and sip.

With thanks to the Daily Hive.

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