The 2018 civic election campaign in Vancouver is steadily ramping up.  At last night’s Mayoral candidate debate, we saw a fascinating exchange between a reporter, a candidate and the audience.

The subject was Mr. Bremner’s continued insistence that neither he nor his campaign has had anything to do with the billboards appearing around town in recent weeks.  The exchange is shown below in video, with thanks to Justin Fung.

It is worth noting that in my opinion, the audience response was much louder than appears on this video clip (there was no audience mic). It was strikingly impolite for a bunch of Canadians.

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Vancouver mayoral candidate Shauna Sylvester is the centre of this interview by the cool dudes at Cambie Report.  The 2018 civic election is the topic (duh), and Ms. Sylvester ranges widely and in depth with Ian Bushfield and Patrick Meehan.

It’s a fascinating interview (1:02:11 in length), and it makes me wonder about something.

Apparently, political wisdom holds that an election campaign is no time to discuss policy — one of those diktats that all politicos know but no one is supposed to say out loud. Never. Ever. Recall the fatal media storm that fell upon Prime Minister Kim Campbell when she was accused of saying much the same thing during her 1993 campaign to retake the Prime Minister’s office in our Federal Government.

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Mr. Sim of the NPA will probably be among those Vancouver mayoral candidates who actually make it onto the October 20 ballot by submitting paperwork and his deposit to elections officials before September 14, 4 pm.

It’s hard to say the same about all of the current crop of 11 who are out there in various stages of hope, agitation and mischievousness.

Today, Mr. Sim has broken his long silence and discussed platformish kind of stuff with Stephen Quinn at the CBC (while on a bike *), and at length (52:31) with the fun guys at Cambie Report (Note:  access to the full podcast will cost ya a few bucks, otherwise it’s a short teaser **).

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September 14 at 4 pm is the closing date for people to file nominations for civic positions, including Mayor and councillor, in the October, 2018 Metro Vancouver civic election. Candidates will both file a document, and, in Vancouver at least, drop off a $100 deposit, which they will get back if they play nice.

And hot on the heels of this end to trial balloons, tactical maneuvers, ill-considered enthusiasm and general no-commitment hanky-panky, the debates begin (register for free HERE):

Vancouver Mayoral Debate

  • September 17, 2018
  • 7-9 pm
  • SFU Harbour Centre, Fletcher Theatre
  • 515 W Hastings

Sponsored and organized by Business In Vancouver, Vancouver Courier and Vancouver Is Awesome.

Rumour has it (started by me) that the Fletcher Theatre is the only location with a large enough stage to hold all the candidates at one time. If a similar event goes ahead for Vancouver council candidates, it seems that organizers will have to book the hockey rink.

As of writing (August 28, 3:30 pm), we have an announced group of 7 in the debate, out of 12 currently-announced  candidates for Mayor. So even as Mario Canseco’s polling results start to winnow winners from also-rans, the debate organizers have anointed their top 7 candidates to be taken seriously.

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