February 8, 2018

Rail to Where? Abbotsford!


When Henry Braun, the Mayor of Abbotsford was 14 years old the Highway 1 freeway was built.  As he states  in this article from Global News he is now 67 years of age, and that freeway is still pretty much the same. The difference now is that Highway 1 carries so much traffic that it is often congested between Surrey and the Fraser Valley.  In fact, Mayor Braun says that with heavy traffic many access the two areas on side roads much more efficiently.
And that is why the Mayor says that  light rail transit (LRT) in the median of Highway 1 should be built, saying it can take up to two hours in traffic to reach Vancouver from Abbotsford.  He also says the idea of rail transit is not far-fetched, and cites similar conversations from ten years ago.  With a proposed line between the east and west lanes, Mayor Braun says that “the median should be an LRT surface-based transit system like Calgary and Edmonton.”
Braun is not the first person to float the idea of a light rail service to the Fraser Valley. Transit advocates have previously floated the idea of reviving the old BC Electric Railway Interurban line, which ran from New Westminster to Chilliwack until the 1950s.”While the federal government’s transit objectives are concentrated in major urban centres, Abbotsford thinks its time to discuss this potential connection. Funding for the project, or who should administer the service has not yet been proposed.


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