Governance & Politics
June 12, 2018

Three Way Mayoral Race in Delta~The Police Chief, The City Manager, The Seasoned Councillor

South of the Fraser, there hasn’t been a lot of change at Delta City Hall for a few decades. Mayor Lois Jackson first served on Delta Council in 1972, and the 1999 election saw her become the second woman to serve as Mayor.

Mayor Jackson is an affable, intelligent woman who has strong beliefs and has fought hard for her constituency. No matter whether you agree or disagree with Ms. Jackson’s position or politics, she has proudly represented Delta for almost twenty years as mayor, attends myriads of Delta events and, despite her steadfast support for projects upon which we may heap what may be considered withering editorial critique (such as the Massey Bridge), Price Tags editors will sit down for tea with her any time.

Her relinquishment of the Mayor’s chair in Delta promises to open up Delta’s future in myriad ways, as it has become a three-horse race between a popular former Police Department Chief, a just-retired City Manager wanting to step up into electoral politics, and a City Councillor known for her ability to work with others on principled solutions.

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