December 11, 2018

“Classic NPA”, with Ken Sim

“We came within an eyelash of running the table.”

And he’s not wrong. Ken Sim, founder and CEO of homecare provider Nurse Next Door and bagel chain Rosemary Rocksalt, is just two months removed from having come within 957 votes of being the mayor of Vancouver. With five NPA Vancouver councillors, Sim would have led a majority, and thus the face of municipal (and perhaps regional) politics might look very different than it does today.

Having returned to regular family and business life, he goes deep with Gord in this revealing conversation. They discuss the day he got the call from NPA leadership, the big names he spoke to as he mulled his decision (and who finally convinced him to run), his experiences on the campaign trail, his thoughts about the downtown eastside, and what he believes are the major policy priorities for the city.

And more importantly — what does the future hold for Ken Sim?

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Mr. Sim of the NPA will probably be among those Vancouver mayoral candidates who actually make it onto the October 20 ballot by submitting paperwork and his deposit to elections officials before September 14, 4 pm.

It’s hard to say the same about all of the current crop of 11 who are out there in various stages of hope, agitation and mischievousness.

Today, Mr. Sim has broken his long silence and discussed platformish kind of stuff with Stephen Quinn at the CBC (while on a bike *), and at length (52:31) with the fun guys at Cambie Report (Note:  access to the full podcast will cost ya a few bucks, otherwise it’s a short teaser **).

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