COVID Place making
October 1, 2020

A Small Places Video: Rapid Response on Robson

Kathleen Corey and Brian Gould of ‘small places’ – among the best videographers of the street we’ve ever posted (here’s a sample from last year) – have some new work, appropriate to our current times.  Here’s Kathleen’s capture of the physical changes in response to COVID-19 made on Robson Street. . The Rapid Response project in this case widened sidewalks, creating more space for people, through painted concrete barriers, modular accessible ramps, expanded parklets, and bus boarding islands. . Read more »

Brian Gould and Kathleen Corey are urbanist filmmakers well-known to Price Tags readers, and anyone else following Vancouver’s progress with its growing bike network.

Seacycles (2014) could be considered their flagship video which, when released, gave the world a proper introduction to the multi-modal improvements at the south end of the Burrard Bridge. That video also includes a wondrous pairing of then vs now picture-in-picture comparisons, and drone fly-overs.

Now under the banner small places (“tiny plazas – quick transformations – big ideas”), Brian and Kathleen are back, this time with a companion piece to show how far Burrard Bridge has come in the intervening years.

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