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March 1, 2019

Jericho: The Planning Begins

Don’t want to misquote Mike Harcourt, but he observed not long ago that a lot of the residential growth in the City of Vancouver for some considerable time in the future could be West of Alma.  And primarily on First Nations lands.  Sites like the UEL, the University Golf Course, Jericho.  And then further east, there are the Heather lands, sites along the Fraser, around Burrard Bridge, perhaps much more.

Jericho is the first large-scale site to be considered west of Alma for many decades.  So the planning begins – and not just for the urban design of the site.  Also for the waves of wealth generated.  For the kind of partnerships that evolve.  And how reconciliation is interpreted.



Saturday, March 2

12 pm – 4 pm

Jericho Hill Pool & Gymnasium | 4180 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Ceremonial Welcome (12 pm – 1 pm) – formal welcome by representatives from MST Nations and City of Vancouver.


Following the ceremonial welcome, stick around to learn about the process, project background, City policies, proponent aspirations, talk to City staff, and meet the proponent team.

Open House (1 pm – 4 pm)


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This past weekend, I decided to take a quick ride over to Jericho from the West End, just to see what was happening with the Folk Festival.

Along the way, I found several long-standing examples of the City of Vancouver’s Park Board indifference to cycling.  (I know the commissioners would disagree, but the lack of action over so many years, regardless of all the plans, consultations and rhetoric, speak otherwise.)

For instance the path pictured above, just to the west of the Aquatic Centre, connecting Beach Avenue with the Seaside Greenway —narrow asphalt and worn grass — is ambiguous, inadequate and unsafe.  If it were under the jurisdiction of the City’s engineering department, it would likely have been rectified by now (it’s been this way for decades).

But it’s Park Board territory — and another example of their attitude: #wedontcare.

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The owners of the Jericho Lands have a new web site with a few new things, like this partial list of documents that will inform their plan for developing the Jericho site:

  • Healthy City Strategy Action Plan (2016)
  • Rainwater Management Plan and Green Infrastructure Strategy (2016)
  • Renewable City Strategy (2015)
  • Rezoning Policy for Sustainable Large Developments (2013)
  • Vancouver Neighbourhood Energy Strategy and Energy Centre Guidelines (2012)
  • Transportation 2040 Plan (2012)
  • Priority Action Plan from the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability (2012)
  • Greenest City Action Plan (2011)
  • Vancouver’s Housing and Homeless Strategy 2012-21 (2011)
  • Green Buildings Policy for Rezonings (2010)
  • West Point Grey Community Vision (2010)

It is anticipated that the east and west Jericho Lands, totaling 90 acres, will be planned in one collaborative and comprehensive process.

We understand that the community is eager to hear and engage with us about the future of the sites, and we are committed to providing opportunities for the community to get involved. 
Anticipated to begin in 2017, an extensive multi-phase, multi-year engagement process will provide local communities and the general public a forum to discuss ideas and views about the future of these lands.

Get direct updates by registering HERE.

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David Negrin of Aquilini Development and Construction Inc. will take over as CEO for FN development on 6 properties spanning 160 acres ($1 B worth) of Metro Vancouver land.

David Negrin will begin his new job Dec. 1 as head of the MST Development Corporation, which represents the interests of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations. Negrin’s appointment was announced Oct. 13 in a press release but Negrin was not made available to the Courier for an interview.

Thanks to Mike Howell at the Vancouver Courier.

From the web site:  The MST Development Corporation currently oversees six properties totaling 160 acres of prime developable lands throughout Metro Vancouver, valued at over $1 billion.
Properties fully or partially owned by the MST Partnership are:

  • Jericho Lands (west) in Vancouver
  • Jericho Lands (east) in Vancouver – co-owned with the Canada Lands Company
  • Heather Street Lands in Vancouver – co-owned with the Canada Lands Company
  • Former Liquor Distribution Branch site on East Broadway in Vancouver – co-owned with Aquilini Investment Group
  • Marine Drive Lands in West Vancouver – co-owned with the Canada Lands Company
  • Willingdon Lands in Burnaby – co-owned by the Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh with Aquilini Investment Group

[Update]:  And thanks to Frances Bula in the Globe and Mail for reaction from around Vancouver:

They (the real estate community) see it as a sign that First Nations will now be playing a strong role in the development of that land instead of just being a quiet partner behind a private developer or with Canada Lands Corporation, the federal agency that co-owns with the MST the Jericho Lands on Vancouver’s west side and the Heather Lands, in the centre.

“This is very good news [for the First Nations],” said Jon Stovell, the current president of the region’s Urban Development Institute. “The First Nations groups have been having some difficulty finding a fit with conventional business world and their own expectations. Having a real seasoned professional will assist them.” . .

. . . Mr. Negrin’s departure from Aquilini will be a big loss for that company, said many, even though residential development is only a small part of the family’s empire that includes the Canucks, Rogers Arena, cranberry and blueberry farms, hotels and restaurants.

“It’s now clear the successes they were having were probably David’s accomplishments,” said Mr. Stovell.

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