December 4, 2018

Greg Moore — Once a Planner…

A fixture in Port Coquitlam politics for the past 16 years — two terms as councillor, three as mayor — Greg Moore has also been a figurehead and ardent champion for the entire region.

As chair of the Metro Vancouver board for seven years, and chair of the Mayors Ten Year Vision Committee in the midst of his decade-long tenure on the TransLink Mayors Council, Moore rolled up his sleeves and left indelible marks of leadership and organizational effectiveness on both organizations, while helping steer his community through a time of change.

In this episode, Gordon Price and the newly-retired-from-politics (***so he says***) ex-mayor talk about the new culture of incivility in civic affairs, the concentric circles of influence that ebb out of Vancouver to the suburbs, what makes for a mayoral mandate, and why planners could perhaps be considered ideal political leaders.

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We continue our series of exit interviews with Metro Vancouver mayors standing down this election cycle with Port Coquitlam’s Greg Moore, wrapping up his third term as mayor, fifth overall in city council chambers.

With a planning degree from SFU, an MBA focused on digital technology, experience as city staff, and having served in a variety of high-profile intergovernmental leadership roles alongside his elected roles — including chair of the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors since 2011 — Moore is well-positioned to parlay his knowledge and experience into more political capital.

Some might expect him to seek elected office at other levels of government. But will he?

I spoke to Mayor Moore on Tuesday afternoon, as Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Horgan, and Moore’s outgoing mayoral counterparts Hepner and Robertson wrapped up a media announcement in Surrey for Phase 2 of the Mayors’ 10-Year Vision for Transportation.

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