September 29, 2018

Vancouver Public Library’s New Public Treasure

It’s really a spectacular transformation — the downtown VPL’s two upper floors have become a rich and varied public space. It’s another treasure that people in Vancouver will use and enjoy for generations to come.

The results are wonderful and amazing.  It’s now one of the best public spaces in Vancouver — and located right smack-dab in the middle of downtown.

From Price Tags — a big pat on the back for all involved.

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In this case: The Vancouver Club – where the elite meet to eat.  And what they eat is veggies and herbs from their very own rooftop garden:

. From Vancity Buzz:

This project began as dream over the spring/summer of 2012. The Vancouver Club’s rooftop garden is an elegantly designed vegetable garden, a rare site in Vancouver…. The hope is to supply the Vancouver Club’s gourmet kitchen with as much food and herbs as possible. If a few food transport miles can be reduced each week, then they’ve achieved their goal.

Pot Incorporated is responsible for this rooftop masterpiece. Conex Construction and Situ Design are responsible for the hardwood deck and design.

Notice in the background one of the city’s first rooftop herb gardens on the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel.

More shots here.

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The burghers of Drummondville, apparently.

It comes down to this simple formulation: Grass good! Vegetables bad. We’ve heard one too many stories in which people decide to use their yards to grow some fresh vegetables, only to have city officials come down hard on them, forcing them to tear out their food or bulldozing the gardens themselves. If building a few bike lanes counts as a war on cars, this is definitely a war on gardens.

The latest skirmish took place in Drummondville, Quebec, where Josée Landry and Michel Beauchamp built what supporters describe as “a gorgeous and meticulously-maintained edible landscape full of healthy fruits and vegetables.” …   The town’s given the couple only two weeks to pull out their carefully planted veggies.

Thanks to Matt Foulger.

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