Design & Development
January 31, 2019

Intersectionality: Four Spaces, One Corner – Davie and Burrard

In a city as fast-changing as Vancouver, at a time when a big downtown office-building boom is underway, what stays the same now seems even older and odder.  Like this:


Where Davie meets Burrard – one of a half dozen or so significant intersections on the peninsula.  Yet it feels blah, undefined, still a bit motordomy.  There’s no sense that three distinct neighbourhoods – the West End, Downtown South and the CBD – all meet here.   At this intersection, one corner is a garden, another a gas station, a third some ancient storefronts, and the fourth a 70s office tower that would be razed tomorrow if a development proposal was approved.

And developments are being approved.  Perhaps if they all proceed within a few years of each other, the new identity of this corner would be the most dramatic change on the peninsula in the next decade – insofar as our mental maps would have to be revised.   “Hey, this isn’t any ‘Davie and Burrard’ I remember.  This is all new.  This is big city.  What happened to the hospital?”


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