October 2, 2019

Daily Scot in Victoria – 2: Cook Street Village

By Daily Scot.  (Click on title for images.)

One of my favourite neighbourhoods in Victoria is Cook Street Village, a leafy three-block collection of shops, restaurants, services and a pub strung along a bus route.

More a neighbourhood ‘node’ within the larger Fairfield district, Cook Street is a bucolic human-scale streetscape – nestled between Beacon Hill Park, adjacent pre-war bungalows and the Sea.  A magical setting.

Within the village is a development that I am constantly drawn to on each of my visits, a superb example of site planning, scale and program.

I am not aware of the name or history of the collection of buildings located between Sutlej Street and Oliphant Ave, but Google shows the site was redeveloped between 2005 and 2011. (Anyone from Victoria able to provide some insight?)

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