Ian Bushfield is one-third of Vancouver politics podcast Cambie Report, one-half of its older, BC-focused cousin PolitiCoast, and executive director of BC Humanist Association.

He’s also co-creator of a new classification method — a simple but compelling matrix — for visualizing the political and urbanist ideologies of the people and parties that ran for, and now occupy, City Hall.

Gord spoke to Bushfield at length about the urbanist-conservationist axis and what it means in the current political environment, his view on housing and the implications of the emerging push for ‘spatial justice’, and what we can expect from Cambie Report in 2019.

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Vancouver mayoral candidate Kennedy Stewart speaks to the Cambie Report. It’s another in a series of hour-or-so-long interviews by these well-informed folks, who are doing great work keeping us all informed and entertained as the October 20 civic election rolls ever closer.

You can listen to the Cambie Report’s podcast of the interview in short form for free HERE, or for a mere pittance of monetary support, the full hour is HERE.

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You will enjoy the latest live version of the funny and lively Cambie Report, featuring Price Tags’ Editors Gordon Price and Sandy James.

What does Gordon Price think is the major issue in this upcoming civic election?  And what kind of issue is it?  Is it a small but noisy hot button issue, is it something tired and old (bike lanes), is it something fundamental to how we think of ourselves?


Price & James start at around 0:43:00.

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