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April 25, 2019

Streetview Nostagia: YVR / NYC

Now that Google’s Streetview has been in operation for a decade, and conveniently provides its available archive with each image, it’s possible to do what Guest suggests in the post below:

You could take a similar pic – but in reverse and with a future transition – of the former Granville 7 Theatre on Granville Steet.

i.e. bustling pic of the movie crowds in the 1990s, boarded up with chain link fence and homeless camped out for the past few years after the theatre closed, and in a few more years (hopefully) bustling again as a Cineplex Rec Room.

Here’s the result so far:




The current street scene, at least in these shots, is not as dramatic as it can be, when there are rough shelters under the canopies.  Whereas the difference in New York from the 1980s to now – in this case, the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Bushwick – is unmissable.  Almost inconceivable.

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Cedric Jacques Yu thinks Vancouver City councillors might want to read this when deciding whether the upcoming planning process will be focused on city-wide strategies or be neighbourhood-based.

From Planetizen:

A newly popular urban planning buzzword is “community-based planning.” For example, the New York City Department of City Planning’s website states that “community-based planning is essential to the city’s vitality” because “people who are close to neighborhood issues can clearly identify community needs and advocate passionately for local concerns.”

The implicit assumption of this conventional wisdom is that when neighborhoods are given absolute power over planning, their wishes create no harmful externalities affecting the city as a whole. Some scholars argue, by contrast, that land use planning should be conducted on a citywide or even a statewide basis, because existing residents of a neighborhood may want things that are bad for the city as a whole (for example, exclusionary zoning that limits housing supply and raises housing prices).*

Neighborhood activists in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood recently created their own community plan. Which view does the Bushwick plan support? …

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