The ancient CP railway track continues to change into one of Vancouver’s treasures.

While there a few days ago, I was reminded that the Arbutus Greenway became the subject of a classic battle between Vancouver’s citizens and a small band of preservationists, who wanted this 42-acre strip of Vancouver’s land to remain a private park for local able-bodied walkers — exclusivity defined.

That noisy clash of wills seems to me now like a preview in miniature of the upcoming one over the vast acreage of Vancouver’s land now exclusively zoned for low density. A.K.A. the “City Plan”. Blogger and pundit fodder for many years, I should think.

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Vancouver’s Arbutus Greenway is already a well-used and beloved part of the city.  Despite its evolving state, and even as the main design is heading for city council approval and funding at the July 11 meeting (starting at 0930), people are using it for lots of reasons.

A research team called INTERACT (@TeamInteractCA), 44 people strong, is turning its attention to the Greenway —among other places in other cities — from the health point of view.

The question they’re asking: what is the health impact of real world urban forms?  The team hopes to provide big-data research to advance the science of building healthy cities.

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Who likes Vancouver’s plans for the Arbutus Greenway? A lot of people, it seems.  Including me, it must be said.

The City of Vancouver released this 40-page Consultation Summary Report on public responses to their spring 2018 proposed design concept.

I count 2,015 people who commented via the usual methods: online survey, Open House events (4), Advisory Committee meetings (5), and Stakeholder meetings (ongoing).

You can review my thoughts on the Greenway’s proposed design concept here; a snapshot of the results follows.

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