It was with some relish that the Price Talks production team spun the guest mic around to hear what the podcast’s namesake, the well-seasoned urbanist Gordon Price, might reveal when lightly grilled.

An activist, political and urbanist voice in Metro Vancouver for four decades, Gord’s public life has been informed in no small part by his upbringing in Victoria, which included some formative cultural, social and personal influences that eventually led him — with some trepidation — to Vancouver’s West End in 1978.

It was an era of evolution for that community, one in which Gord played an important role. Sure, he’s told parts of the story before, and yes, we get some of his patented activist, political, urbanist, and wonkish intellectual perspectives.

But this time, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, he let some of the editorial guard down, and gives a truly heartfelt and personal perspective on Vancouver — the city and the region, the place to which he has been so committed, for so much of his adult life.

We get the real Gord. So enjoy.

And happy birthday to the SFU Centre for Dialogue Fellow, former SFU City Program Director, former Vancouver City Councillor, AIDS Vancouver founder, and West End activist and resident, Gordon Price.

Turning the Tables on Gordon Price
Price Talks

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