Kate Lambert (IBI), Paige Ritchie (Intracorp), and Carla Guererra (Purpose Driven Development, Planning and Strategy) are members of the Urban Land Institute, an independent, nonprofit research and education organization with almost 40,000 members worldwide, over 400 of whom are based in British Columbia. They’re also founding members of the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), with a stated objective of supporting and promoting the advancement of women in all disciplines of the real estate industry.

Kate, Paige and Carla visited with Gord and the Price Talks team recently, in advance of this week’s special, sold-out lunch event with the City of Vancouver’s outgoing General Manager of Development, Buildings, and Licensing, Kaye Krishna.

In their conversation, they just barely scraped the surface of all the issues related to inclusivity, the inequity in roles for women, and how righting the imbalance matters in city building and real estate development. It’s not just about creating an equal playing field, but about building better developments, communities, and cities for everyone.

ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative — Excavating Inclusivity
Price Talks

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