Such a new-Vancouver type of thing.  Let me count the ways:

  • Craft beer:  Not going away; getting bigger if anything, and working hard to find niches
  • The name:  “Electric Bicycle Brewing” (I can hear those teeth a’gnashing out there)
  • The graphics:  right out of those beloved hippie-dippy days of yore
  • A mural for the street front, and interior décor described as “selfie-friendly”
  • Ramen-infused beer:  nothing like the marriage of food and beverage trends
  • Location:  4th just east of Ontario, growing home to creatives in the tech industries
  • Clustering:  an area now also home to the luscious yummies at purebread (5th and Ontario), among other purveyors of nosh and sip.

With thanks to the Daily Hive.

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It’s time for the latest in a most Vancouver-like unfolding epic saga:  the ever-mutating world of yoga.

The latest:   cannabis yoga (a.k.a. ganja yoga) for those who like it laid-back.  Where billion-dollar takeovers and gigantic emerging industries meet the ancient techniques while spawning cravings for chocolate and tortilla chips.

We’ve thoughtfully provided a short tour of the ever-expanding world of yoga, just in case cannabis yoga isn’t your thing.

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