Climate Change
April 26, 2019

Friday Funny: Wet City

“In a lot of ways it was the best apartment I’d ever had. Partly just the proximity to the ocean…”

For lovers of cheeky dystopian thrillers and urban planners alike…

Written and directed by Nate Sherman and Nick Voley, Wet City is a series of shorts from Adult Swim which begs the important question: What would life be like if Amazon tried expanding into New York City after the polar ice caps have melted?

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Last year Tom Durning sent us this image of Jesus and Colonel Sanders having a conversation over a coffee in an undisclosed coffee bar.

As we stated at the time we did not know whether this was for a film or was just a regular meeting.

The weather must have warmed up, as Tom has now sent us this new image of this unlikely pair conversing while strolling  down the street. No word if urbanism and walkability were being discussed.

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A brilliant piece of performance comedy from two guys – Benjamin Kheng and Hirzi Zulkiflie – who together as the BenZi Progect satirize their home city, Singapore, and its people and culture.  Here are fresh eyes on the multicultural, global world we share, with a startling similarity in character but enough local references (peranakans!) to go beyond cliche.  The writing is, from the opening line, gently absurd.

Kheng and Zulkiflie play two execs at the Singapore Tourism Commission, interviewing a third, Andrew Marko, for a job.  Give it a couple of views, and then check out other skits here.

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In the “you just can’t make this stuff up” department an auto parts service company in Japan has created a traffic safety video for cats. They actually used animal psychologists’ advice to create a video with “plenty of moving pieces to keep the kitties’ attention on the important message, adding in the sounds of chirping birds, and a narrator who meows.”

Fast Company  also reports that the video was “focus-group tested by cats for cats at a one of Japan’s many cat cafés and were chosen as most likely to ensure a rapt feline audience.”

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If you are from the southern hemisphere you can well imagine the stampede that happened when social media proclaimed that a whole truck load of Big Bens, the savoury meat pie made with New Zealand ground beef and cheese had spilled in South Auckland. The news spread quickly that the boxed up pies were free for the taking for “pie-oneers”.

It was no surprise that Emergency services rushes to the “pie-tastrophe” but the pies were already disappearing, thanks to the courteous truck driver who had blocked traffic when his load of freshly baked pies had spilled out. As one Facebook post enthused “If you can get to Manukau Bus Station ASAP free pies. Truck’s door opened as he was turning the corner. Driver giving them away.”

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From Michael Alexander:

First sunny day above freezing, and the newish playground next to Science World is packed as usual, with long lines for every ride including the zip line.

If the city charged $1 a kid (“C’mon Mom, it’s only a loonie!), in a year we could build enough affordable housing to meet demand*.



* Ed – First rule of affordable housing: demand is never met.


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