August 12, 2008

Best one ever. 

The Pride Parade this year was tight, well attended and bursting with energy.  The weather helped, and so did the extension up Robson Street:

And the theme – a celebration of the rainbow flag – was a natural.

But why does this celebration of all things gay attract such a large cross-section of the community – and so many?  Almost two-thirds the population of the city itself. 

Well, partly because it’s the only summer parade in town (now that the Sea Festival and PNE parades are just memories).  Partly because it’s hand-made and home-grown.  The corporate presence is there, but it’s not overwhelming – and it’s an important statement of inclusion:

That says a lot about our how our society has changed.

The Pride Parade also reflects, more each year, our multi-racial society.

Mainly, though, I think it’s simply that Pride allows this very reserved society to loosen up a little.

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Back again in Vancouver.  Last week, the Car-Free Cities conference in Portland.  Before that, the Planning Institute of B.C. in Prince George.  Reports to come.

But I was fortunate to return on the solstice, to see the sunset from False Creek South.

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Jason Vanderhill sends along an invitation to what looks to be an interesting exhbition in local photography:

STRANGER: A photography exhibit of strangers and unfamiliar landscapes. The work is a diverse mix of the abstract, the dreamlike, and the street. Photographers include Marc L’Esperance, Lung Liu and John Goldsmith.

Opening Night is Friday April 11, 2008 from 6:30-8:30pm. The exhibit runs from April 10 – April 26, 2008 with restaurant hours of Thursday – Saturday from 6-10pm.

Radha Centre is located at 728 Main Street in Chinatown.

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January 6, 2008

Yes, it’s dark and dank, and wet and windy.  But here in the Land of the Long Spring, there’s only a few weeks to go before the first shoots and buds.   Keep moving towards the light.

Lost Lagoon, 4:15 pm, January 6, 2008

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