January 8, 2007

Earth Art

Pat Harrison of JPH Consultants in Nanaimo clearly has a fascination for Google Earth:

“Here are a few images I’ve snagged from Google Earth. Some of the composited sattelite images form really graphic patterns.”

“These are un-editted except that I’ve tweaked the contrast, brightness and saturation a bit to make the mosaics more evident. “


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This shot is taken from a window on the top floor of the Dominion Building, looking east of course, towards Burnaby Mountain, with all the ridges in between.  (That’s what distinguishes East Van: ridges and vales, creating micro-neighbourhoods of special character.) We were waiting, camera in hand: within the hour, the old Woodward’s building, a block away, would be imploded.

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Disclosure: This is an idea taken directly from Andrew Sullivan’s blog, who asked his readers to send him pictures of what they see outside their windows.  And the results are intriguing: windows into people’s lives as well as their circumstances. 
Here’s a view from window of Stephen Rees, a Richmond, B.C. reader who also puts out his own blog:


The early morning view out of the window next to my computer.
We converted this central bed to a vegetable garden last year, and this year we are overwhelmed with zucchini (go away for a weekend and they become giant marrows). We also have lots of herbs, mange tout peas, french beans, green pepper, aubergines, lettuce, leeks and tomatoes – not bad for a single raised bed 7′ x 4′ and a few pots on the patio.

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