On the emerging election issue of a subway to UBC, we have a few diverging opinions — within the same big tent. I suppose it’s healthy, but it does seem to be less a matter of opinion and more a matter of missing homework.

Then we have Bowinn Ma, MLA, P. Eng., schooling the twitterverse on transportation’s immutable law of induced demand, and its vicious circle of negative effects on city-building. Ms. Ma is BC NDP North Van-Lonsdale MLA. Parliamentary Secretary for TransLink.

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After a Vancouver civic election mayoral candidates meeting, we have a much clearer picture of where some candidates fall on the pro-bike spectrum.

The meeting was hosted by the Shaughnessy Heights Property Owners’ Association.

Good old bike lanes raised an emotionally-charged anti-bike audience response among the invitees from Shaughnessy Heights. As usual, this showed how the very concept of the bicycle as a legitimate mode of transportation is threatening to those with a deeply entrenched motordom-at-any-cost worldview.  And so provides now-rancid red meat for cynical politicians to throw to this shrinking base.

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Join PT editor (and director of Walk Metro Vancouver) Sandy James for this ULI event — a morning conversation to discuss the City of New Westminster’s recent experience with senior-focused infrastructure planning with Great Streets for Seniors: Uptown Neighbourhood Initiative.

Following a panel discussion, we will take a brief walking tour of the Uptown Neighbourhood to discuss Great Streets, the challenges, and the steps taken to go from concept to capital plan.

  • Lisa Leblanc, Transportation Manager, City of New Westminster
  • Sandra James, Director, Walk Metro Vancouver
  • Dan Ross, Sr. Transportation Planner, Bunt & Associates, Great Streets for Seniors Study Co-Projector Manager
  • Alex Taciuk, Great Streets for Seniors Study Participant

Wednesday, September 26
8:15 am – 10:30 am

Century House, 620 8th Street, New Westminster

Member: $15
Non-Member: $25

Register here.

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