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August 16, 2018

Vancouver Diary: Mystery of the Missing (Scare)Crows

Dianna took a close look at this graphic on a utility box when at the Mt Pleasant Mural Fest:

“Where’s the crow?” she asked.  How could a “Birds of Vancouver” not have a crow (especially when it looks like one may become the popular ambassador of this city, as reported by CBC)?

Then when out cycling, she noticed something else.  “We rode the Arbutus today and I made a discovery. Apparently the scarecrows (for the community gardens) have a strong labor union because they’ve taken off for the summer. Or maybe they were in a dressing room changing their clothes?”

Very suspicious.




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From The Atlantic, via PT correspondent Michael Alexander, one of two dozen artful (and depressing) images of the aftermath of China’s bike share boom.

The fallout of a burst bike-share bubble in China has left the country with millions of abandoned bicycles piled into “graveyards”—such as this one, photographed on April 14 in Nanning—that cities are still sorting through.

…In a few cases, plans have been announced to refurbish and distribute some of the bikes to smaller neighbouring towns; in others, wholesale recycling has begun, and bicycles are being crushed into cubes.

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Doin’ Vancouver stuff the other night and strayed purposefully to check out two sculptural pieces and a film event from the 2018 Vancouver Biennale.  See the pix below.

One piece and the film event were in poor lonely Leg-In-Boot Square, normally empty, but buzzing then:

The other piece was “Paradise Has Many Gates“, Ajlan Gharem, at Vanier Park.

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