May 27, 2010

No sweat

In ‘active transportation’ circles, there’s a classic shot you’re likely to see in any presentation on North America’s attitude towards fitness:

It’s a real place in a San Diego strip mall.  And now we have a version of our very own:

It’s part of a new development on North Road in Burnaby.  No doubt there’s extensive parking, so that clients can drive there to ride the exercycles.

 Thanks to Richard Campbell.

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It’s taken almost two decades, but the seawall from Canada Place to Stanley Park is almost complete.

Almost.  There is still one small section that remains blocked:

The floatplane terminal, sited just west of the new convention centre, is to be moved eventually.  But when?

Rumour has it that the City may renew the lease for this site, at least until third parties can agree on terms for a new location.   But will they require the seawall to be connected, even with a temporary link? – a policy that Councils have had in place since the Expo site was first being developed.

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Active in Action: New principles for a sustainable world
April 21, 7 pm
Venue: SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC
Admission is free; as seating is limited, reservations are required. Reserve at

How do we take the principles of active living, combine them with active transportation and expand our ideas and concepts to achieve a fully sustainable world?  An ambitious question – and one that Dan Burden takes on in a new and fresh presentation.

Dan is an internationally recognized authority on active transportation, livability and sustainability, with 38 years of experience. He will illustrate implementation strategies for all sizes of communities, from those wanting to remain rural in character to those that are highly urban, with examples from Bogota to Abu Dhabi.

Sponsored by BC Recreation and Parks Association, Bombardier Foundation and the Active Transport Lab at the University of British Columbia and SFU City Program. Web:

Unfortunately, the Thomas Osdoba lecture on April 15, “A 22nd Century City: Reinventing our DNA” has been cancelled due to speaker unavailability.

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From Stephen Ingrouille’s Transportation Newsletter:

SI:  Do you think our governments are getting the message about active transport?  There still seems to be this push to build more freeways. Much more money is going into roads and just a trickle into active transport.

Oz Kayak: Until more people participate in active transport, it’s a bit of a ‘Catch 22’.

SI: A ‘Catch 22’ and the ‘Chicken and the Egg’.

OK: Transport engineers who have a very strong environmental focus and social focus are fortunate that the medical profession is now strongly on the same side.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that they are talking to each other often enough.  We should be seeing the head of the medical profession, the head of the Engineering professions, getting together on the issue of sedentary behaviour and modelling it and health.

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