Charleson Park, Saturday, while I escaped for a few hours from the steady drumbeat of 2018 civic election tweets, robocalls, e-mail and paper flyers. The well-known bullshit overdrive.

I do have to express my disappointment that there’s no one busting photo-ops in a chicken suit. What the hell, already!  Have we grown up a bit or something?

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It’s one thing to say that you are going to build a world-class separated bikeway facility on San Francisco’s Embarcadero, which has a scenic three-mile stretch along the waterfront. It’s another thing to get it implemented as development continues along this stretch, which of course attracts more vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

That has led to conflicts between users on this popular stretch of street, with the Embarcadero “now on the City’s High Injury Network”.  That ominous terminology refers to 6 per cent of the network of streets where 60 per cent of severe and fatal pedestrian injuries occur.

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Vancouver is a city consumed with urban planning, transit and the rebirth of cycling. Michel de Broin’s Deviations, a fanciful bike route deviating off of a popular bike path in Charleson Park, occurs within this setting.

The ‘squiggly’ path winds in on itself in an invitation to cyclists and passersby to amuse themselves with the impossible task of ‘following the path’.

Sep 28: 11 am – A cycling tour with HUB Cycling, including a stop in Charleson Park to visit Michel de Broin’s new installation, Deviations, where the artist will engage with visitors in a performance piece as he adds finishing touches to the painted line of his deviated path.

Sep 28: 2 – 3 pm – Discussion: Public Art, Urban Planning, Parks and Creative Place-Making at the False Creek Community Centre – 1318 Cartwright St, Vancouver, Granville Island.  A free artist talk with Michel de Broin, Derik Wenman, President of HUB’s board of directors and Commissioner Stuart MacKinnon speaking on behalf of the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation.

Register with Leigh-Anne []. Limited Spots!

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Any macchiatto tour of Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant hood must now begin (or end) at one of the most west coast of open-air patios — at 14th and Main.

Pavement-to-Plaza, a new video by the team of Brian and Kathleen of small places, shows how the new configuration at this popular intersection, in the midst of a busy stretch of high street stores and restaurants, is also fulfilling the demand for calmed public spaces, with safer passage for people on bike and foot.

Check out the video below — a head-bobber, for sure.

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