Urban Resilience: New Realities

Part of the Pandemonium: Urban Studies and Recovering from COVID-19 lecture series.

Wednesday, February 24

5:00 PM

Online event – Register here

How much can we apply from emergency and recovery planning efforts from other cities and other kinds of risks and disasters to our post-pandemic context? How much of the present pandemic demands a reconsideration of what it means to plan effectively for disaster?


Moderator: Seth Klein
Adjunct Professor, SFU Urban Studies

Sarah Moser
Associate Professor, Department of Geography, McGill University

Laurah John
Founder & CEO, JUA KALI LTD., St. Lucia

Anna Maria Bounds
Assistant Professor, Sociology, City University of New York

Lilia Yumagulova
Program Director, Preparing Our Home

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Jeffrey Tumlin is the Executive Director of the San Francisco Municipal  Transportation Agency. He was the person that alerted us to this trend on San Francisco’s Slow Streets that are inspirational and readable. Poets have installed cards of prose and inspiration on the closure barriers along San Francisco’s Slow Streets.

It is such a great idea and we have many talented writers and poets in Vancouver. So when will we see our own prose on Slow Streets?

The one illustrated above reads

“Yield Traffic’s dull roar to lively air for Stellar’s Jay
Perched on a flagpole, rekindled phoenix of civic pride.
Do not drive through, bright birdsong blocks the way.”

And another poet and artist, Mc Allen  @that_mac has produced municipal poems, including the Villanelle for Slow Streets below.

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