Metro Vancouver has committed to ensuring our regional infrastructure, ecosystems, and communities are resilient to impacts of climate change, and to pursuing a regional target of 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The Climate 2050 Strategic Framework will guide Metro Vancouver’s policies and collective actions to transition to a resilient, low carbon future – increasing the health, well-being and prosperity of our region.

Join us as to hear about next steps for developing Metro Vancouver’s Climate 2050 Roadmaps, and how local government and health authorities’ actions are already helping to create a resilient region.

  • Jason Emmert, Air Quality Planner, Metro Vancouver
  • Tamsin Mills, Senior Sustainability Specialist, City of Vancouver
  • Angie Woo, Climate Resilience & Adaptation Lead, Fraser Health Authority

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Nathan Pachal is a councilor in Langley City, and a friend of Price Tags.  HERE, he discusses the business case (105-page PDF) just released by TransLink on the Surrey-Newton-Guilford light rail project.  This SNG-LRT is Phase One, with Fraser Highway to Langley to follow as Phase Two.

Transportation nerd quiz:  what percentage of trips that originate South of the Fraser end there? Write down your answer, then read on. Prepare to be astonished.

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In 2015, I gave a real downer of a lecture in Auckland.  Mainly because I predicted that those who were in denial about climate change would not be adverse to making it worse.  Not just continuing as we’ve been doing, with token efforts on the side to constrain carbon.  No, to make climate change happen faster – because as a test of sincerity, it would be a demonstration that their denial is founded in belief.  ‘Climate change isn’t consequential,’ so let’s double down.

That’s what’s happening.


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My latest Business in Vancouver column:

Nothing better illustrates how narrow the ideological differences are along the Vancouver political spectrum than the Greenest City Action Team (GCAT) report.

Established in February as an initiative of Mayor Gregor Robertson (with a kick-start by Coun. Andrea Reimer), it quickly recruited a who’s who of the sustainability community in Vancouver (disclosure: I’m one of the who’s). It was a list heavy with CEOs, directors and vice-presidents. And of course David Suzuki.

The goal: develop a 10-year action plan for addressing Vancouver’s environmental challenges, with targets for the next three years, that would fast-track Vancouver into becoming the world’s greenest city. And do it in five months.

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