Climate Change
February 6, 2019

“Intellectually Pleasing, Totally Sucks”~NASA’s Latest Data on Climate Change

If anyone had any doubt about climate change being real The New York Times has published data from NASA scientific studies showing that the “Earth’s average surface temperature in 2018 was the fourth highest in nearly 140 years of record-keeping and a continuation of an unmistakable warming trend.” 

Even worse the last 5 warmest years recorded have been the last 5 years. And the last 18 of 19 warmest years have been since 2001.

Even though 190 nations have signed the Paris Agreement it just may be too late.

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In school you may have read about the “Little  Ice Age” that occurred in Medieval times and caused very cold temperatures in Europe. Now a group of scientists at University College in London England are advancing a theory that it was not volcanic activity or cyclical decreases in solar radiation that caused this cooling, but the impact of European colonization of America.

Researchers estimated from population data that 60 million people were living in the Americas at the end of the 15th century, representing a tenth of the world population. Within one hundred years of first European contact, that population “was ravaged by introduced disease (smallpox, measles, etc), warfare, slavery and societal collapse.” 

First Nations were devastated, with an estimate of five to six million people remaining after the first century post European contact. Such a calamitous reduction in civilizations meant that land that was cultivated by First Nations was abandoned, and “repossessed” by the forest and bushland. The size of that cultivated land reclaimed by nature is estimated to have been 56 million hectares, “close in size to a modern country like France”.

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Maybe this won’t become a thermal coal port

Port Metro Vancouver has cancelled the permit for a project that would have resulted in more thermal coal shipments, these from Fraser Surrey Docks.  The only reason currently available is that the permit’s 83 conditions have not been met — specifically one requiring substantial start of construction by November 30, 2018.

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Join us to learn how local governments are working to achieve healthy, resilient urban forests, and hear highlights about Metro Vancouver’s Urban Forest Climate Adaptation program and New Westminster’s award-winning Urban Forest Management Strategy.

  • Edward Nichol, Senior Policy and Planning Analyst (Environment), Regional Planning, Metro Vancouver
  • Amelia Needoba, Principal & Senior Urban Forester, Diamond Head Consulting
  • Erika Mashig, Manager, Arboriculture, Horticulture, Parks & Open Space Planning, City of New Westminster

Wednesday, February 20

7:30 – 9:00 am – Presentations start at 7:30 am
Continental breakfast available at 7:00 am

BCIT Downtown – 555 Seymour

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Metro Vancouver has committed to ensuring our regional infrastructure, ecosystems, and communities are resilient to impacts of climate change, and to pursuing a regional target of 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The Climate 2050 Strategic Framework will guide Metro Vancouver’s policies and collective actions to transition to a resilient, low carbon future – increasing the health, well-being and prosperity of our region.

Join us as to hear about next steps for developing Metro Vancouver’s Climate 2050 Roadmaps, and how local government and health authorities’ actions are already helping to create a resilient region.

  • Jason Emmert, Air Quality Planner, Metro Vancouver
  • Tamsin Mills, Senior Sustainability Specialist, City of Vancouver
  • Angie Woo, Climate Resilience & Adaptation Lead, Fraser Health Authority

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