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Equity in Planning and Practice: Addressing Past Inequities in Planning for the Future

Planning efforts are increasingly focused on the need to consider the impacts of plans on all community members, and to plan for the future by using tools and practices that consciously avoid intentional or unintentional inequities.

In 2019, the American Planning Association adopted a policy guide exclusively addressing planning for equity. The Planning for Equity Policy Guide offers a broad look at policies and approaches needed for planners, policymakers and associated professionals to advance social equity and justice across all planning efforts.

The guide offers direction in key equity planning areas, including gentrification, community engagement, and environmental justice.

Date: Friday April 30
Time: 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time

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Join the Maryland Department of Planning and the American Planning Association as Susan Wood, FAICP, Jay Renkens, AICP, and Leigh Anne King, AICP discuss how APA’s equity policy guide can be used and then look at how the Charlotte (NC) Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan, scheduled for adoption this summer, is using an equitable growth framework to shape the city’s future.


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