A colleague, Dr. Bridget Burdett who is a Chartered Engineer with MR Cagney in New Zealand sends along a “Safe System Snippet” from Safe Solutions.

Dr. Burdett reminds that a “cyclist dismount” sign is NOT the answer.

If you find yourself in the situation where you want to install a ‘cyclist dismount’ sign on your road network something has gone wrong with your planning, design and/or installation.
The majority of cyclists will not dismount.
The risk remains.
We can do better.

We don’t have signs indicating Motorists dismount crossing roadways~you don’t need them for cyclists either if lanes are planned correctly.

You can take a look at more “safe system snippets” published by Safe Solutions in Brunswick, Victoria State Australia here.




  1. As was also noted to me by a cycling programme manager in New Zealand, “If you see a ‘Cyclists Dismount’ sign, it means we’ve failed.”

  2. …..And rather than requiring pedestrians to push buttons to get a signal to allow the crossing of streets, maybe motorists should be required to leave their vehicles and push a button to get a green light (just kidding, but……)

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