The Pandemic has brought a lot of things to the forefront, not the least of which is using technology to stay connected with the office and the rest of the world. Zoom has become the “go to” app for many to have virtual meetings. Technology has enabled us to look into the personal abodes of persons on zoom, and there’s even some clever twitter accounts such as @ratemyskyperoom that ranks those skype rooms on a ten out of ten system.

We have all enjoyed seeing Keith Baldrey,  the Legislative Bureau Chief of Global News skyrocket to a top rating by his clever use of a plant and a bookshelf that has an always changing array of books written about British Columbia.

And then there was Gordon Price’s early morning interview on Global Television about the City of Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan which included an impromptu cameo of his longtime husband Len ambling in the background. Gordon had forgotten that Zoom’s virtual background breaks up when movement is detected. Such as a husband ambling across the hall from his morning shower without his clothes.

Len is a sought after personal trainer~and there were brief glimpses of his remarkable backside which in Canada is pretty much verboten on Canadian content television. Kudos to Global Television’s Neetu Garcha who kept the conversation focussed on the upcoming Climate Emergency Plan, and not the well built body behind Gordon.

In talking to Gordon he hoped that the distraction would not take away from what he was saying about the Climate Emergency Action Plan.  He now joins the live television blunder club which includes Professor Robert Kelley in Korea being interrupted by his children, and British commentator Deborah Haynes negotiating with a son for two biscuits.

If you missed Gordon’s blunder, you can take a look at it below. And remember to set your background up against a wall with no possibility of interruption the next time you are on Zoom.

Images: VancouverCourier,GlobalTV




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