From photographer Ken Ohrn this wonderful image located at  today’s Stanley Park Prospect Point Ice Cream shop. The shopkeeper handing the  girl her purchase has his head obscured by some form of doll that is hanging from the ceiling. There is a very plain sign in front of him stating “Help Us To Keep Your Park Clean.” There are actually four women and one man at the ice cream window.

So what year is this photo from? There are some hints~there is a British flag instead of a Canadian flag which was adopted in 1965. And the shoes and shorts indicate late 1950’s or early 1960’s. Can the bicycle vintage provide the info?

We  will leave it to Price Tags readers to fill us in on the year.

UPDATE: As soon as we went to press Bryn correctly identified this image as a 1943 outing of the Canadian Youth Hostel Bike Hike from the Vancouver Archives. Here’s another image of the group cycling on their Stanley Park bicycle trip.



  1. The photo is from the city archives – there is a whole series that were done by the Canadian Youth Hostel.

    If you search “Hostel” images in the Williams Bros. Photographers Collection you’ll get a bunch of photos from the same series.

    Since we’re doing Prospect Point, I’ll assume you’ve seen this one:

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