Beach Bikeway (no one’s calling it a flow way) is obviously and surprisingly high-volume.  Many cyclists, many different kinds of cyclists, for many hours, in a near-continuous flow.

Dale Bracewell’s tweet was the first time we saw a number.  And it was huge.

But how to translate 12,700 into something we can grasp and compare.  The data is out there.  Can it tell us what 12,700 signifies?

That’s your cue, PT commenters.


  1. That’s huge. European-level big. In comparison, most of the busy bikeways in Vancouver see 2000-4000/day at their busiest. I think Adanac is over 4000 in the early fall/spring.

  2. Don’t know about bike capacity of one lane, but this might be interesting to readers:
    Vehicle capacity of a lane (Round numbers based on Level of Service D/E thresholds):
    A lane of car traffic seems to carry a maximum of about 1900 cars/hr.:

    2 lane local street: 1,000 vehicles per day based on livability
    2 lane (w/ left turn lanes): 18,300 vehicles per day
    4 lane (w/ left turn lanes): 36,800 vehicles per day
    For more see:

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