There’s some interesting online  courses coming up in Simon Fraser University’s City Program for this Fall, and they are already receiving applications.

To celebrate the City Program’s 25th anniversary this fall, we are launching a series of introductory-level courses in the core domains of urbanism. Our vision is to help learners gain foundational knowledge in these domains, build networks of diverse professionals, and have a better understanding of the processes between various departments that shape regions.

Kicking off with the course Planning for Non-Planners in September, the courses in the series cover fundamentals in housing policy, transportation and mobility, regional planning and community data. You’ll hear from leading regional experts in real time through online-supported learning and connect with participants from across Canada.

More professional development opportunities

Join us for other upcoming City Program courses:



You can find out more information about the City program here or contact the program at city@sfu.ca




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