The Smart Growth Network in concert with the Maryland Department of Planning presents the next webinar in their Planning With Purpose series on Community Revitalization.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted how we live, work, play, and move around our communities. It also has changed how planners think about and prepare for the future, while navigating the impacts of social inequity.

Petra Hurtado and Jo Peña of the American Planning Association explain how APA is using its “foresight-first approach” in times of COVID-19, what the biggest pain points and potential solutions are, and what current developments may mean for the future of the planning profession.

Date: Thursday, August 13

Time: 10:00 Pacific Time

You can sign up for this webinar by clicking this link.



  1. This webinar seems to be about big data and AI; how to utilize it in our communities and in APA professional practice. All good topics but nothing here about covid. Also nothing here about the planning gap between the city and the planet. We can learn a lot from big (environmental) data, we can learn enough to set a foundation for planning practice that goes beyond the city, thus recognizing the nature context of the biosphere surrounding the city and how it is impacted by the city. Urbanization practices must be adjusted to achieve environmental balance with the planet. We know this because we are impacted by climate change.

    1. Rather than respond to my points that suburban/rural people generally have a higher carbon footprint and consume more stuff than urban people, you just move on to the next post that suits your view and repeat.

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