Drop by a HUB Cycling tent this Sunday, Aug 9 until 3 pm on Beach Avenue at Broughton Street to sign your support.

This incredibly popular and scenic route provides a safe, direct and flat connection between Hornby Street and Stanley Park for people of all ages and abilities, for recreation and commuting – all day, every day. It is a great use of limited open public space in one of Vancouver’s most popular and densely-populated neighbourhoods.

The Beach Avenue Bikeway will also relieve pressure on the very busy seawall route when bikes are allowed back on it post-COVID distancing measures.

Sign here if you agree and HUB Cycling will keep you updated on the future of this valuable cycling bikeway.





  1. Looking at a map it appears that if you include repurpose the sidewalk and some of the grass that there should be enough room to return both general lanes and still have, say a two way protected bike lane and a walking path along Beach Avenue. It doesn’t necessarily have to just be right where this temporary bike lane now is.
    Another question would be whether or not to have Beach Avenue be one way or two way. This would be for other reasons than the bike path. It can be different east of Denman than west of Denman. The streets around the triangle with the Laughing Man sculptures are complicated so a redesign of this area too should be looked at.

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