Local historian Aaron Chapman hosts a free “walkinar” of the west end which is available in its entirety here.  In concert with Canadian Heritage and the West End Business Improvement Association Aaron has compiled an interesting and generous walk of several blocks of the west end, replete with commentary from subject experts. Those special voices in the taped segments accompanying the walk include Squamish Elder Dennis Joseph, Journalist/Broadcaster and CBC Radio documentarian Pamela Post, writer, poet, podcast host and otter enthusiast Dina Del Bucchia, and beloved author and long-time West End resident Bill Richardson.

The complete tour takes 90 minutes at a relaxed walk, and covers 4.9 kilometers. The tour is arranged in “episodes” that can be covered at  waypoints, so that you can do the whole walk all at once or do segments in any order.

There’s some thoughtful additions too including guidance on what buses to take  to get to the tour area, and the times that the Robson Public Market are open.

Below is the first segment with Elder Dennis Joseph which is to be played at the Georgia and Denman intersection at Devonian Park. The website contains a full text of each of the segments, as well as maps and other information.


Image: GeorgiaStraight






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