1. Excellent! Using parking spaces for a higher value use, and keeping the sidewalk open for people walking.

  2. Let’s work quickly to finally end this silly rule (most likely still a BC Liquor Licensing Branch rule) that these outdoor spaces need to be cordoned off like a pen or paddock for wild animals or livestock ready for slaughter. It’s stigmatizing those who want to dine and drink in a pleasing outdoor environment. I have been to other cities in North America and elsewhere that not only do not have such archaic arrangements, but also allow tables and seating to be located on the outbound area of the public sidewalk and pedestrians pass between the tables.

  3. “from start of construction to serving food and drinks took 24 hours.”

    Well that obviously didn’t go through the permitting process. It took me 9 months and a few thousand dollars paid to city hall to install a modular wheelchair ramp system that went a few feet past the property line. That included a Board of Variance hearing and required hiring an arborist to evaluate my trees and a civil engineer to approve the ramp (finding an engineer who could be bothered with such a trivial task was the hardest part). At least I was able to draft the diagrams required for the permit myself so that I didn’t have to pay (and wait for) an architect as well…

  4. I agree that quick response to new condtions is good, but those people pens look awful.

    A sinple rail or velvet rope would be less obtrusive.

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