Another gem from Diana Sampson via Dave2onreddit:

Here’s the corner of West Georgia and Howe Streets looking east. Take a look where the traffic lights were, they are on lamp standards. There’s no crosswalk markings, no curb cuts to make it easier to step off the curb when walking. The width of the sidewalk  appears to be a generous six meters wide. You can see the Hudson’s Bay building in the left background, and just make out the Birks Clock when Birks was located on Georgia Street.

That’s Tenth Avenue Angel playing at the Strand Theatre  in the background  starring Margaret O’Brien, Angela Lansbury and George Murphy.

It’s interesting  how vast the large portion of the street  dominated by vehicles appears. Signage for people crossing the road indicates that “pedestrians start on walk light only” , and is placed  way above walkers’ heads on the signpost  facing traffic. It is oddly located above  the  “left turn only” sign for vehicles.

To get a sense of the post-war optimism of the era, here’s a YouTube video from September 21,  1948 when Hollywood actor and singer Bing Crosby brought his “radio show” to Vancouver toraise money for the  completion of the Sunset Community Centre(which was again  replaced in 2007). He raised 25,000 dollars and the City of Vancouver contributed the rest.

You can hear City Hall being called “ultra modern” (it was built in 1935) and see the City’s silver mace (which is a replica of the City of London England’s mace and one of the only pieces of civic regalia hallmarked before  Edward VIII’s abdication)  being carried out.

The acting Mayor follows wearing the Chain of Office. Bing Crosby meets First Nations Chief Mathias at the Sunset Community Centre site and be aware, there are some cringe worthy comments  in the description.



  1. Great photo!

    “Take a look where the traffic lights were, they are on lamp standards” – this instantly reminded me of the traffic lights at 56th Ave and 216 St, which are mounted very low because they’re next to the threshold of the runway at Langley Airport.

    “The width of the sidewalk appears to be a generous three meters wide.” I dunno, 3 metres is less than two average humans laid end to end. They look closer to twice that width to me…
    Editor’s Note : You are right. Width is three human beings, or six meters. Thank you.

  2. This great photo shows another good view of the Second Hotel Vancouver, probably Vancouver’s greatest lost heritage building. I harbour a hope that this building will be rebuilt in some form somewhere. If the city were to offer a “heritage” bonus to rebuild it, at least in decoration if not exact massing, it would be worth it.

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